Summary A SMART goal is where you can achieve your goal. S-Specific M-Measurable A-Achievable R-Realistic T-Time wise. If you can use all of these letters and create a full proof plan it is a smart goal. My Smart goal was to be able to Play Yarilo by Arkona on my bass S- learn to play Yarilo […]

McSong Sound Production

Summary For producing this song my friends and I had to start with a rhythmic riff line. Once we got the riff down we started to build on top of it with a bass line, and a melody line. We recorded it in the sound room with a mixer and microphone into Garageband. The first […]

Microphone and Recording Project

Summary During this project, group and I all took turns on the producer, recorder, and file manager roles.  I found multiple different microphones, with different colors, and effects to the human voice. I had to go into my schools sound room and audition my voice with about 8 microphones, then I took those recordings and […]

The Science and Engineering of Microphones

Notes Audio Signal – An electronic representation of the actual sound wave Dynamic Microphone – In a dynamic microphone a thin diaphragm is connected to a coil of wire called a voice coil which is precisely suspended over a powerful magnet. As the sound waves strike the diaphragm it cause it to vibrate, moving the […]

ADR Project

Summary In this project I explored Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR). This is used when there is a problem in the background, a sound, or the actors voice.  I learned how and why this is used in most movies if there is a problem with the back ground. Film Before Visual ADR Before the Automated Dialogue Replacement with […]

Sound Wave Project

Creative commons Brett Jordan flicker sound waves. Summary   TimeLine Monday, Feb 13th- figure out how to show what we know about sound waves in a video. Tuesday, Feb 14th- start brainstorming the script. Wednesday, Feb 15th- script Thursday, Feb 16th- props finishing touches. Friday, Feb 17th- Tyler absent. Others rehearsed.  Wednesday, Feb 22nd- Record the […]

Pablo Sound Production

Summary In this project I made four different audio tracks consisting of melody, bass, rhythm and harmony. Using MIDI files and a keyboard. 21st Century Skills Demonstrated Critical thinking and problem solving Reason Effectively Use various types of reasoning (inductive, deductive, etc.) as appropriate to the situation I tried to use the piano for the […]