A presentation about me.

My presentation from Tyler Jackson Step 1 – Summary of Project This is a presentation about me and it shows that I understand the technique of presentation. This blog post is about making a presentation quickly and successfully with all the qualities of a good presentation. I also learned how not to bore my audience […]

Extra Credits: Video Game Music

Notes: Most video games themes were made in the 1980s Game music is harder to remember because now we have a lot of gadgets to make music A strong melody makes you remember the song better Technology now a days allows a lot of different variations Games now have multiple variations for different parts of […]

Me as a song

  Song: I chose the song Sunrise, by Our Last Night Why I chose this song: I chose this song because it was the closest song that would remind myself of me Special meaning: When i was really sad and depressed I would listen to this song and it would help me get through the night. I kept […]