Bass recording project

Summary During this project I created a different version of the lesson bass line. I found a song with my favorite bass line, I created this melody from scratch, and I found and listened for the Bass terms. I created a bass line with a harmonic twist to it. Lesson Bass Line For this lesson […]

Rhythm Recording Project

Summary   Recording Techniques First start off with a unused track from garage band play the project once. Then go into the upper left corner of the track list and hit the add button (+). Click on Drummer. Go over the new SoCal track and click on the star that shows. This is the Groove […]

Harmony Recording Project

Summary For this Project my teacher had us do multiple different parts. A lesson melody where we created a different rhythm to the harmony. My favorite melody where we had to go find our favorite melody analyze it, and embed it from multiple different sites. We found the definitions harmony terms and used them.  Lastly, […]