Film Sound Design – Ambient Sound, Library Sound & Foley


In this project I collected/ created my own sounds from around my school to stick together in the Earthquake scene From The Wind Rises By Hayao Miyazaki. I used Garage Band to line each sound up with the right part of the video.

 Film Before Foley and Sound Effects.

Film After Foley and Sound Effects

Foley Process


For the foley process My group and I used plastic tubs on carpet to imitate the suitcases falling in the train.

Sound Library

Recording for Video sounds.

  1. rumbling using a screen
  2. paper tearing-crust
  3. shaking pencil box- pebbles
  4.  Ethan screaming- scream at beginning
  5. welding– electricity
  6. welding– screeching
  7. Belt– whip of the power line
  8. Clanking- train
  9. chain- tiles
  10. boxes dropping- suitcase
  11. Stephen’s whistle -steam whistle

 Audio Signal Chain Terms

  • A bad sound in the video clip will ruin the video faster than bad lighting or quality.
  • Microphone–>Cable–>Pre amp Audio Recorder–> digital file
  • Two types Single and double.
  • Single- Directly to camera
  • Double- Into another recorder then camera.
  • There are certain levels and frequencies of sound that the recorders can get. If its higher or lower than them the audio clip will cut.
  • Two types of audio cables, unbalanced and balanced.

Foley and Sound Effects Terms

  • Almost every film has foley in it
  • Foley is post production.
  • Production audio focuses on Dialogue.
  • Ambience- physiological cue for space- normally on location
  • commercially or created “wild” that is a sound effect recorded that isn’t tied to a particular
    visual. Often these are difficult to obtain, expensive, or dangerous to produce sound effects
    like gunshots, explosions, or glass shattering. Then the third type of post sound effect is sound that is performed and recorded specifically

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I learned how to use the recorder, put a movie into Garage Band and add audio at the right parts. Created sounds from my own ideas (Ie: throwing tubs for suitcases) I had trouble trying to upload it to youtube without making the sound warped. I asked my peers and Mr leduc then finally uploaded it also to Soundcloud so the audio has good quality. Lastly, I learned what I can use to create sounds for an earthquake.

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