Podcast Recording Project – My Favorite Song


In this project I searched for my favorite song on youtube. Listened to The Gorillaz episode on song exploder that explains the song in detail. Wrote an adobe script, and uploaded the song Andromeda into garage band took out the parts that I needed. My teacher recorded my analysis on this song using garageband and recorded it using the Rode Procaster.  Trimmed everything then uploaded it to Soundcloud.

Audio Mixing

My Favorite Song


Volume Fader- A sliding mechanism on a mixer that adjusts volume

Pan (Stereo Image)- A knob, or slider that moves the sound source between the left and right sides of a channel, headphones or speakers.

Clipping- When amplitude is too high (higher than 0dB) a digital audio signal can distort which is called clipping

Equalizer (EQ)- A device that can boost or retard a certain range of frequencies, such as bass, treble, or middle frequencies

Bus Track- A track that can send various signals to other tracks

Automation- A process that lets pan and volume be adjusted automatically during the playback

Audio Compression- When louder elements are made quieter and softer elements are made louder. Think of it like this: picture a sound wave, what compression does is squish the parts of the sound wave that go too low or too high

Bass- The lower range of frequencies in human hearing, that tend to be felt through vibrations, as well as heard.

TrebleThe higher range of frequencies in human hearing, the highest of which may become harder and harder to hear as one ages.

Reverb- An device that can make a sound source sound as if it were in a room or hallway.

What I Learned

In this project I learned all the different parts of the song and how to analyze it. Using song structure, arrangement, tracks, mix, rhythms, composition, key, and tempo. I ;earned what all these parts and terms meant and how they act together in a song. Using song exploder it made me realize that there is a reason and meaning behind Andromeda by Gorillaz. When I was stuck or needed help I asked my peers to see if they could help.

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