McSong Sound Production


For producing this song my friends and I had to start with a rhythmic riff line. Once we got the riff down we started to build on top of it with a bass line, and a melody line. We recorded it in the sound room with a mixer and microphone into Garageband. The first time we recorded a scratch track, with all of us playing so then we can go over and rerecord our parts, into a much cleaner piece. We added a harmonic line with piano, then changed the EQ levels such as reverb, volume, echo, etc. Then we uploaded it to sound cloud.

21st Century Skills Demonstrated

Ways of thinking

  • During this project we had to create our own parts for the song that worked with the lead riff. –Creativity

Ways of working

  • My group and I had to work together and collaborate to create a song that has all the parts and worked all together. Also editing this track, rerecording it in the sound room.   — Teamwork

Ways of living in the world

  • We had to talk together, collaborate ideas, and what we thought needed to be added , we all had separate parts to do to contribute to the song, — Social/Responsibility

The Composition

Reactions to the Final Version

“It sounds good, the sound level for the second guitar could of been higher. But other than that it seems pretty well put together.”–Chandler

Evaluation of the Final Version

Simple- very straight forward only four parts.

Unexpected- After the second time of the lead guitar everything else joined in, 2nd guitar, bass, and keyboard. Catches you off guard.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

During this projected I learned how to use a mixer, and create a bass line that follows the lead riff. When I was having trouble with the mixer and microphone not recording, I asked my teacher how to fix it and he showed me how to do it. When I was stuck my teammates and I all contributed ideas.

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