A SMART goal is where you can achieve your goal. S-Specific M-Measurable A-Achievable R-Realistic T-Time wise. If you can use all of these letters and create a full proof plan it is a smart goal. My Smart goal was to be able to Play Yarilo by Arkona on my bass

S- learn to play Yarilo by Arkona

M- played notes and speed.

A- I know how to play bass, however not really anything else, therefor it will be challenging yet I can achieve it by practicing others.

R- Practice, practice, practice.

T- By using time in class and outside of school.


I worked everyday in either the sound room or the green room. I also worked at home with my own bass.

What I learned and Problems I Solved

At the beginning of this project I was going to create a song, I could not have done it in a timely manner. Therefore I switched it to play Yarilo, at the beginning of this project I wasn’t the best bass player. However with me practicing over and over again this song I can now not look at the bass while I play. I did not complete my SMART goal, but I was close to achieving it. The only problem I ran into was changing my SMART goal but I changed it by myself.

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