About Me

I am a 17 year old with a passion for animals and music. I am very kind and responsible person, with experience playing bass, guitar, clarinet, and saxophone. This experience is from playing band for 5 years. I am going into pre-vet tech to try to help animals abroad, in rehabilitation centers. Ive volunteered in animal shelters, read all about cats and dogs online and in books.

Smart goal-

S- learn to play Yarilo by Arkona

M- played notes and speed.

A- I know how to play bass, however not really anything else, therefor it will be challenging yet I can achieve it by practicing others.

R- Practice, practice, practice.

T- By using time in class and outside of school.

Be able to play along with the song.

Stretch goal- Be able to play along with the song by the end of the school year